Elle Fanning, 2014

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100/100 — Marion Cotillard


100/100 — Marion Cotillard

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"I loved being on stage. I was in elementary school when I started, so I couldn’t say that it was about the building of characters. [But] I was a freshman and auditioned for the school play. Freshmen usually never got cast. I was the first freshman to be actually given a legitimate part and it was that feeling of ‘Wow! I broke the system!’”

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"I am a good baker – much better at baking than at cooking dinners – I like diligently following a recipe."

"I am a good baker – much better at baking than at cooking dinners – I like diligently following a recipe."

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Rose Leslie - InStyle UK - November 2014Photographed by Thanassis Krikis

Rose Leslie - InStyle UK - November 2014
Photographed by Thanassis Krikis

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Tamla Kari + The Inbetweeners 2

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Clara + deep undercover with her watering can

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[So you played well by yourself.] Yeah. Actually, one time my mom tried to send me to my room for a time-out when I was 5 or 6, and I was like, “Fine! I like my room! All my imagination and toys are in my room!” I will never forget that. And she will never forget that.

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"That doesn’t make sense. He doesn’t do puzzles. He isn’t complicated. He really doesn’t have the attention span."

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Any remarks about my hips will not be appreciated.

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Clara Oswald + s7[54/?]

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clara oswald | listen

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